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In praise of the store cupboard! Plus a Spanish omelette…

Hola! 🙂

So yes, I am still in France, but things have been a bit slow on the exciting food front. Trying to survive on 10€ a week is turning out to be pretty difficult… who’d have thought?! Although I do have a couple of visitors coming in the next few weeks, so may call off the stingy-ness for a while 🙂

Anyway, with all my scrimping and saving, I have come to appreciate the wonders of the store cupboard. When I came home from uni and started all of my baking, the one thing that made everything much easier and cheaper was the store cupboard (cheaper for me, perhaps not for my parents 😉 ). When you live somewhere permanently, you buy in all the useful everyday cooking essentials like olive oil, herbs, flour, sugar, salt, etc. and use them up bit by bit.

However, when you know you’re only going to be staying somewhere for a couple of months, and will not be able to take anything you’ve got leftover back with you, those store cupboard essentials tend to be overlooked. They’re expensive to buy if you’re not going to get the chance to use them all up and you tell yourself you can survive without.

Cooking just isn’t as fun without a store cupboard. Especially as food shopping really isn’t my thing. I’ve been going after work, which is the worst possible time. Never go shopping when you’re hungry! I get home with an assorted mix of ingredients that don’t really go together, but which were all cheap and tasty enough individually for me to give in and buy them. Cheese, crisps, sweets, biscuits… No meal potential whatsoever.

But the other day, I realised – miraculously – that I could actually make a half decent Spanish omelette with the assorted items in my fridge.

Some potatoes, eggs, a slightly withered shallot and a pepper.

Boiling a potato & frying some pepper and shallot 🙂

Now I love Spanish omelettes… they’re so filling and there’s something very comfort food-y about them, but you can whack in a few more healthy ingredients so you can tell your mum/grandma/other concerned relative that, yes, you have been eating your vegetables.

And they’re pretty easy to make too! I didn’t measure out my ingredients according to a recipe (as you can probably tell from my slightly deformed omelette), I just chopped up some potatoes – left the skin on too, mainly out of laziness but also because it’s the most nutritious part of the potato, don’t you know – and boiled them until tender. Whilst the potatoes were boiling, I fried some chopped pepper and shallot together in a pan & once the potato was done I fried that for a bit too. Then it was just a case of pouring over the pre-beaten eggs, realising there wasn’t enough omelette to fill the pan and hastily pushing the ingredients together to form this:

My “waxing gibbous moon” omelette…

A beauteous thing, no?!

Then came the dreaded flipping, which is made so much easier with a non-stick pan!  I’m not sure how the pros  do it, but I flip it onto a plate, flip it onto another plate & then flip it back into the pan again. All with the help of a tea towel of course!

And then, with both sides cooked and slightly brown, came the best part – the eating 🙂

Time to dig in!

So anyway, hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will have some altogether more exciting – and slightly more French – cuisine to report back on, but in the meantime, a good, easy classic always hits the spot 🙂

Bon appétit!

Katie xxx


6 comments on “In praise of the store cupboard! Plus a Spanish omelette…

  1. Sophie33
    October 14, 2012


  2. Rhonda Sittig
    November 1, 2012

    Looks perfect. We lived in Spain for 12 years and I’ve made more than a few of those things– homey and comfortable and delicious. Fun to see you post!

    • mixitupandmakeitnice
      November 1, 2012

      Ooh you lived in Spain?? That sounds absolutely amazing 🙂 I’ve never been and I really want to… mainly for the tapas, sangria and sunshine 😉

  3. taishinana
    January 5, 2013

    I wanna try!

  4. cembo
    April 5, 2015


    I’m spanish and I am surprised to discover this omelette… Hahahaha ot looks delicious but the “original” Spanish omelette is only made with eggs and potatoes. Sometimes, we also add onion.
    It’s true that there are a huge variety of Spanish omelette (With pepper, mushrooms, ham…) and all of them are really tasty.

    Bye!! 👋

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