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Amateur baker with a passion for eating!

The soup with a Kermit-the-Frog-green hue

My very green soup!

Hey! So I have just finished my tea… a lovely green soup based on the recipe I found on Lucysfriendlyfoods. I say based on because I may have upped the amount of peas slightly. Because I absolutely love peas.

And to be honest, it was the peas in this recipe that swayed me to try it. My love of peas outweighs my aversion to courgettes, and that’s that.

Me and peas have been on great terms ever since my mum happened across the theory that frozen peas will soothe a teething baby. And now its 2o-odd years later and I’m still eating frozen peas. Okay, so maybe that makes me weird, but I honestly don’t care. I have converted many a person to the joys of frozen peas and I don’t plan on stopping 😉 YOU should try them too!

Anyway… enough about peas. This soup is reeeally easy to make. Even for someone who often doesn’t read all the way to the end of a recipe (as my frittata shows…).

Cooking my courgettes!

It tastes good, too, although I may have added a bit too much garlic for my liking (I used that garlic purée stuff, as we didn’t have any fresh cloves in the house, and improvised when it came to quantity…), and it is a very satisfying green colour. Kermit could be hiding in it and you would never know.

Anyway, all this Kermit talk has got me thinking about the Muppets, so here’s a happy song to sing along to whilst cooking this soup 😀

Bon appétit!



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