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Chocolate Heaven!

Chocolate courgette cake

My finished chocolate courgette cake!

So, as you can see, my attempt at baking a chocolate courgette cake was a little more successful than my courgette and feta frittata!

The recipe, from Scrumptious and Sumptuous, is really simple, and the only difficulty I had was with the different measurements and ingredients used across the pond.

But, if you want to try this recipe for yourself (and I really would recommend that you do), and you’re based in the UK, it’s pretty easy if you just use fluid ounces instead of cups (1 US cup = 8 fl oz). I poured the ingredients into a measuring jug with fluid ounces on and it worked out well. Except for the butter. I mean, how on earth are yousupposed to measure butter in a cup?! So I just googled the conversion, and used ounces instead (1 US cup of butter = 8 oz). Simple.

As for the ingredients, I used the suggested buttermilk alternative given in the recipe: 1 cup (well, 8 fl oz!) normal milk mixed with lemon juice instead of 1/2 cup buttermilk. Seeing as the cake turned out so well, I’m pleased I didn’t go out and buy any buttermilk especially.

Oh, and I used plain flour instead of this “all-purpose” malarkey 😉 I didn’t alter the quantity in any way.

All mixed up and ready to bake!

Once everything had been mixed together, I poured it all into a buttered cake tin which I had randomly picked out of a drawer. Luckily, it turned out to be the perfect size!

Then came the decorating part… Seeing as the presentation of my frittata left a little to be desired, I tried to make a bit more effort with this cake. I didn’t have any chocolate chips in the house and I’m not that keen on walnuts, so I decided to freestyle a little bit… I ended up sprinkling a few Mars Planets and chopped up pieces of Cadbury Fudge on top and whacking it in the oven.

Now, the one thing I hate about baking is taking the cake out of the oven. Or rather, when to take the cake out of the oven. I watch Great British Bake Off, and all they do is stress the importance of this vitally crucial, fundamental, decisive, all important moment. Leave it in the oven for too short a time, and oh no! You’re left with a soggy mess. Leave it in too long, and oh no! You’re left with a dry, overcooked disaster.

I may be exaggerating slightly, but I really do hate making the decision when to take the cake out of the oven. Usually, I get my mother to decide for me (lazy, yes… but effective).

In the end, I took the cake out when it was still a bit gooey in the middle but cooked around the outside. I really wasn’t sure, but judging by the finished product, I think I got it right. See, I’m an absolute natural at this… *ahem*

Then came the easy part: the eating!

The first slice of cake, half demolished!

Bon appétit!

Katie xxxx


6 comments on “Chocolate Heaven!

  1. mydearbakes
    August 17, 2012

    This looks delicious.. hmmm.. yummy!! =)

  2. {Main St. Cuisine}
    September 2, 2012

    This looks and sounds really good! Thanks for the inspiration and the link to the recipe. I’m so glad you said it was simple. 🙂


    • mixitupandmakeitnice
      September 6, 2012

      Thanks! It’s such a good cake & even my mum – who was a bit wary because of the courgettes – absolutely loved it… and even after it had been frozen! x

  3. petit4chocolatier
    October 3, 2012

    This looks scrumptious! I love the Cadbury fudge idea!

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